Abortion Doula Continuing Education Course

This is the complete course.

There are no prerequisites to enroll in this course. You do not need to be a doula or have any specific background experience. 

This course does not result in certification.

This complete continuing education course includes six prerecorded lessons, which together offer an in-depth opportunity to explore what it means to support abortion as a part of your practice. There will be context given for understanding abortion legislation (US), as well as working in both collective and private practice settings to increase access to safe and empowered abortion in your community. This is a great place to start learning about abortion access and advocacy and build, or grow, a community of folks committed to abortion advocacy. 

Closed Captions in English provided. Please email [email protected] for additional accommodations.

General Overview

This course includes:

  • 4 modules of material that include prerecorded material, weekly lessons, materials and assignments.

  • Written materials, resources lists, and reflective assignments.

  • Access to our private online community.

  • One year of access to all materials and recordings.

  • Automated CC in English provided for replays of live sessions. Please send an email to [email protected] about your accessibility needs.

Bundle includes

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Payment Plans

Note: We do not offer refunds or reimbursements once you enroll and encourage you to budget accordingly. If life circumstances prevent you from participating in the course as planned, we may be able to extend your enrollment or adjust. You can make this request by emailing [email protected]

Meet Our Teachers!

Raven, Aster, and daena

Raven E. Freeborn (they/themme), is a savvy queer black woman who holds space as a healing justice and liberation strategist. Raven is a trained and licensed clinical social worker, full spectrum doula, harm reductionist, community educator, storyteller, and a damn good cook. They are the founder of Legacy Healing and Therapy Services, LLC and Third Way Solutions, Inc.; two unique community focused businesses offering strategy, coaching, and therapeutic partnership for individuals, groups, and organizations. Raven’s mission is to build beloved community that reckons with the truth of historical oppressions to actualize equity, justice, and liberative solutions for all people - particularly people who are Black, brown, queer, and trans identifying.

Raven teaches Abortion Policy & Background for Doulas, What to Expect During an Abortion for Doulas, Emotional Support for Abortion, Models of Abortion Doula Practice. 

Aster Dyer MSN, RN, CNE (they/them) is a master’s-prepared nurse with several years of experience in reproductive healthcare, having worked as an options counselor and a nurse in abortion clinics in Texas. They currently reside in San Francisco, California, and work as an advice nurse in an OB/GYN office and works with people across a broad spectrum of reproductive experiences. Their eventual goal is to become a nurse-midwife.

Aster teaches Clinical Abortion Procedures.

daena (she/they) is an experienced herbalist and abortion doula working to shift the conversation and narrative of what we think of as abortion care through teaching innovative, holistic approaches, creating training materials and providing resources and information on their online platform @holistic.abortions.

daena teaches Herbal Abortion 101.