On-Demand & Move-At-Your-Pace!

One of the first courses offered through BADT by Sabia Wade, R&P Part I has been taught in a variety of formats both in-person and online. This pre-recorded course lets you get started whenever you are ready and engage with the materials at your own pace! 

You will be learning about racism and privilege and their effects in birth work. We will also learn several tools and processes to create change in the birth community. This workshop is open to all birth workers, such as physicians, midwives, doulas and any professional that works with birthing people in any capacity.

[CC] in English and Transcripts provided, for additional accommodation requests, email info@birthingadvocacy.org

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome to Racism & Privilege in Birthwork Part I
    • Video: Intro to BADT
    • BADT Student Packet
  • 2
    Class Content
    • Day One Slides
    • Day One Replay
    • Day 1 Homework
    • Day Two Slides
    • Day Two Replay
    • Video Playlist
    • Resources
    • Campaigns to contribute to (updated August 2021)
    • Course Review

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