US Abortion Doula Continuing Education Coures

There are no prerequisites to enroll in this course. You do not need to be a doula or have any specific background experience. This course does not result in certification. 

This 4-week continuing education course offers an opportunity to explore what it means to support abortion as a part of your practice. There will be context given for understanding abortion legislation (US), as well as working in both collective and private practice settings to increase access to safe and empowered abortion in your community. This is a great place to start learning about abortion access and advocacy and build, or grow, a community of folks committed to abortion advocacy. 

This course is available for new doulas and care workers, and experienced professionals.

*Automated captioning provided on live calls; corrective captioning provided with replays of live sessions. Additional prerecorded materials include automated captioning. Recordings of live classes are available on our learning platform.* 

Please email [email protected] for additional accommodations.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course!

    2. Student Welcome Packet

    3. Consent to Video Recording

    4. Guidelines for Questions

    5. Class Schedule and Zoom Invitation (updated 7/26)

    6. Masterclass Teacher Info and Bios!

    7. Video: Intro to BADT

    8. Intro to Abortion Doula CE - Meet your Instructor! (added 7/27)


    10. Join the Community!

    11. Intro Assignment and Reflection

    12. Consent form reminder and upload

    1. Video: Intro to Policy (US) & Background

    2. Policy (US) & Background Slide Deck

    3. Resources

    4. Tuesday Class Replay

    5. Q&A 1 Replay

    6. Week 1 Homework

    1. Video: Intro to What to Expect

    2. What to Expect Slide Deck

    3. Resources

    4. Tuesday Class Replay

    5. Masterclass Replay: Aster Dyer on Clinical Procedures

    6. Week 2 Homework

    7. Bonus mini class: Postpartum Care for Abortion & Miscarriage

    1. Video: Intro to Emotional Support

    2. Emotional Support Slide Deck

    3. Resources

    4. Tuesday Class Replay

    5. Masterclass Replay: daena horner on Herbal Abortion 101

    6. Week 3 Homework

    1. Video: Intro to Collective Models vs Private Models

    2. Collective vs Private Models Slide Deck

    3. Resources

    4. Tuesday Class Replay

    5. Q&A 2 Replay

    6. Week 4 Homework

    7. BADT Directory

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  • 38 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content

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