March 26th and 27th, 2022

12pm-2:30pm ET

Reproductive and parenting experiences can be transformative and triggering experiences for the folks we work with. Whether or not our clients identify as mentally ill, Disabled or neurodivergent, anyone is capable of experiencing a mental health crisis — and it’s on us as birthworkers and community care professionals to have tools to support them without relying on carceral systems that may further harm our clients. ⁠

Join Stefanie Kaufman-Mthimkhulu from Project LETS for a skills-based crisis response training for birthworkers. We’ll be learning how to navigate psychiatric, emotional, and spiritual crises from an abolitionist, peer-led, Disability Justice lens that values the autonomy and self-determination of folks in crisis. ⁠

Topics include: harm reduction, care without cops, priorities in a crisis situation, de-escalation, alternatives to psychiatric hospitalization, safety planning, suicide/self-harm, altered states; maximizing autonomy, and setting boundaries. ⁠

The information, skills, and resources presented during this training have been developed by folks who have lived experience of mental illness/madness, trauma, neurodivergence, and psychiatric hospitalization/incarceration. ⁠

This training will take place via Zoom. It will be recorded and recordings will be shared. Automated closed captions and transcript in English will be available as well as live ASL interpretation. 

Additional accommodations available upon request by emailing [email protected]

If the cost of this training is a barrier, please email [email protected]

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