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Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings

Seeing BADT grow has been an amazing and humbling experience! Since our start in the Summer of 2019, we have had over 160 students with so many different experiences from all over the world, including the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa and the United Kingdom! The momentum and inspiration has allowed me to improve our next course with four masterclass sessions with amazing birth professionals (to be announced soon!), two group doula business coaching sessions, increased content, amazing graphics, new payment plan options and so much more! 

I created this 12 week course with a few priorities in mind:

  • Creating a training for aspiring, new and experienced doulas that not only went over basic doula practices and knowledge but included the current disparities, controversy and actions needed to create change in all aspects of birth.
  • Creating a long term training that will allow participants to dig DEEP, build community and receive more content than a short term training.
  • Building accessibility by offering the course completely online so participants would not have to purchase flights, hotel stays, etc.
  • Creating access and affordability by including monthly and one time payment options.
  • Creating a supportive, close-knit and radical community of doulas that are advocates, activist and change makers. 
  • Highlighting and sharing the work and expertise of amazing people living and breathing this work that we love.
  • Educating birth workers on the business side of this work to create long term sustainability.
  • Creating a supportive, close-knit and radical community of doulas that are advocates, activist and change makers.


With all that being said and as you read further, I truly hope that you will decide to join the BADT's Full Spectrum Doula Training with full understanding that when you join this community that you are now part of a MOVEMENT.

-Sabia C. Wade, Full Spectrum Doula & Creator of BADT

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to the course!
    • Guidelines for Questions
    • Zoom Invitation
    • Reading List
    • Master Classes
    • Forms
    • BADT Introduction
    • Journal #1: Why
  • 2
    Week 1: Activism & Birth Work
    • Week 1: Activism & Birth Webinar Recording
    • Week 1 Videos Link
    • Activism & Birth Work Presentation
    • Journal #2
    • Chapter PDF
  • 3
    Week 2: Black Maternal & Infant Health Disparities
    • Week 2: Black Maternal & Infant Health Disparities Webinar Recording
    • Week 2 Video Playlist
    • Black Maternal & Infant Health Disparities Presentation
    • Journal #3: Black Disparities
    • Week 2 Master Class: Raeanne Madison
  • 4
    Week 3: Queer & Trans Birth
    • Week 3: Queer & Trans Birth Webinar Recording
    • Week 3 Queer & Trans Playlist
    • Jenna Brown Master Class Webinar Recording
    • Journal #4
    • Queer & Trans Birth Presentation
    • Genderbread Person
    • Gender Identity Terminology
    • Pronouns Chart
  • 5
    Week 4: Trauma Informed Care
    • Week 4: Trauma Informed Care Webinar Recording
    • Masterclass: Cristina/Birth Monopoly Webinar Recording
    • Week 4 Trauma Informed Care Playlist
    • Trauma Informed Care Presentation
    • Birth Validation Stories / birth trauma, obstetric violence - Segment 2 (TRIGGER WARNING)
    • Obstetric Violence Graphics
    • Obstetric Violence Stories
    • Trauma Worksheet
    • Journal #5
  • 6
    Week 5: Birth (Part 1)
    • Week 5: Birth (Part 1) Webinar Recording
    • Birth (Part 1) Video Playlist
    • Birth (Part 1) Presentation
    • Vacuum Extraction Video
    • Cesarean Section Video
    • Reasons for Freebirth
    • APGAR Scoring System
    • Pelvic Stations Graphic
    • Spinning Babies (Optimal Fetal Positioning)
    • Client Handout Assignment
    • Journal #6
    • Inductions Presentation PDF
  • 7
    Week 6: Caring for Partners
    • Week 6: Caring for Partners Webinar Recording
    • Caring For Partners
    • Caring For Partners Playlist
    • Fathers Discuss Paternity leave in America in 2019
    • My First Week As A Father
    • Non-Gestational Parent Interview
  • 8
    Week 7: Birth (Part 2)
    • Week 7: Birth (Part 2) Webinar Recording
    • Birth (Part 2) Video Playlist
    • Birth (Part 2) Presentation
    • 10 Birth Plan Rules
    • Birth Plan Assignment
    • Birth Plan Example
    • Cesarean Birth Plan Sample
    • Visual Birth Plan Sample
  • 9
    Week 8: Nutrition, Food Insecurity & Access
    • Week 8: Nutrition, Food Insecurity & Access Video Playlist
    • Week 8: Nutrition, Food Insecurity & Access Presentation
    • "Food Insecurity is a Public Health Concern | Rayna Andrews | TEDxUWMilwaukee" Video
    • Food Resources Assignment
    • Meal Plan Assignment
  • 10
    Week 9: Postpartum
    • Week 9: Postpartum Webinar Recording
    • Week 9: Postpartum Presentation
    • Week 9: Postpartum Video Playlist
    • Postpartum Resources Assignment
  • 11
    Final steps
    • Proof of Attendance Forms
    • Proof of Assistance Forms
    • Book Reports
    • CPR Certification

Course Format

  • 12 Weeks
  • 75 minute weekly webinar (recorded if you can't attend)
  • 4 Masterclass Sessions (TBA!)
  • 2 Doula Business Coaching Group Sessions
  • Weekly lessons & assignments
  • A private Facebook Community

Certification Requirements

Below are the certification requirements to receive the Full Spectrum Doula Training Certificate:

  • Completion of reading & video checklist
  • Infant/Child CPR Certification
  • 2 Hospital, Birth Center or Clinic Tours
  • Assisting with a birth, abortion or 12 hours of postpartum care 
  • Attend a chestfeeding class or support group
  • Written assessment of current local resources & resources needed
  • Completion of written assignments
  • Completion of a business strategy outline
  • Participation in online Facebook community


Our Black Friday Special ends on December 2, 2019!

Join the Birthing Advocacy Doulas Community!

Birthing Advocacy Doulas aren’t just talking about the changes that need to be made, we ARE the change!


  • How long do I have to complete this course?

    You have one year to complete this course. One extension will also be granted because life happens!

  • What if I am unable to make it the live webinars?

    No worries! Each recording is posted in your account shortly after being recorded. My goal is to make this class accessible by making it fit around the schedule of your life. View the recording when you can and jump in when you are ready!

  • What is your refund policy?

    I don’t offer change of mind refunds and people must participate in the forum and complete the first module before requesting a refund. I also include an admin fee to cover me for the gift that I post out and initial administration fees. My refund period is 21 days and includes access to up to the first three modules (almost a third of the course).