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This course is for anyone who is interested in learning more in-depth information about the reproductive health of Queer & Trans people through the childbearing years, and how to support clients during these experiences. Information on the basics of gender, sexuality, pronouns, or similar topics are not the main focus of classes, and it is be expected that those who are enrolled in this course have already done learning on these topics and/or they are prepared to use the introductory resources to educate themselves in order for the main content to land with them. This continued education course is appropriate for those who already do, or would like to, work with QTLGB clients, and want to expand their knowledge to better support the diverse needs of those clients. All five modules of content center queer and trans experiences, rather than contrasting those experiences against dominant culture narratives.

[CC] in English and Transcripts provided, for additional accommodation requests, email info@birthingadvocacy.org

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome to the course!
    • Student Welcome Packet
    • Guidelines for Communicating Questions and Concerns
    • Masterclass Teacher Info and Bios!
    • Video: Intro to BADT
    • Intro to Q&T Repro Support CE - Meet your Core Instructors!
    • Intro Assignment and Reflection
  • 2
    Introductory Module
    • Video: Why won't 101 information be covered live during this course?
    • Resources
    • Video: Acknowledging the subjectivity of queer experience
    • Video: Some of the most common mistakes
  • 3
    Week 1: Preconception & Reproductive Loss
    • Video: Intro to Preconception & Reproductive Loss with JB
    • Preconception & Reproductive Loss Slide Deck
    • Resources
    • Tuesday Class Replay
    • Masterclass: Christian Lovehall on Reproductive Injustice, How We Are Failing Black Trans Men
    • Week 1 Reflective Assignment
  • 4
    Week 2: Pregnancy & Birth
    • Video: Intro to Pregnancy & Birth with Moss Froom
    • Pregnancy & Birth Slide Deck
    • Resources
    • Tuesday Class Replay
    • Week 2 Reflective Assignment
  • 5
    Week 3: Postpartum & Parenting
    • Video: Intro to Postpartum & Parenting with JB
    • Postpartum & Parenting Slide Deck
    • Resources
    • Tuesday Class Replay
    • Masterclass: Andrew Rich on Gender Expansive Parenting
    • Masterclass: Annie Kocher on Infant Feeding (pre-recorded)
    • Week 3 Reflective Assignment
  • 6
    Week 4: Legal & Social Considerations
    • Video: Intro to Legal & Social Considerations with JB
    • Legal & Social Considerations Slide Deck
    • Resources
    • Tuesday Class Replay
    • Week 4 Reflective Assignment
    • Course Review

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