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The Six Doula Business Essentials Live Course Starts in March 2020!

The current doula business model is not healthy or sustainable and it is time for reconstruction! We are taught how to be birth workers but not taught how to sustain a living doing this work. Trainings are lacking in business teachings and we are surviving with the bare minimum, working multiple jobs that aren’t centered in birth work or burning out and shutting down, or even growing a distaste for this work that we love. Through the Six Doula Business Essentials (Mindset, Clarity, Research, Community, Marketing & Action) , we can make a positive change to our businesses and the future of birth work!

Deconstructing Martyrdom in Birth Work

Webinar Recording

Birth workers don't have to be martyrs to do this work, yet so many of us unknowingly believe this. In this webinar, Sabia breaks down why doulas need and deserve to be paid for their labor.

In this six week course, we will:

  • Discuss and gain understanding of each doula business essential

  • Discuss the current doula business model and learn the factors needed to improve the model

  • Create boundaries and limits necessary to create a sustainable doula business

  • Learn the effects of a desperation mindset and the importance of an abundant mindset

  • Build a plan of action that includes appropriate pay, multiple income streams and attracting your desired clients

Course Format

  • 6 week course

  • 75 minute weekly webinar (recorded if you can't attend)

  • Weekly lessons & assignments

  • A private Facebook Community

Invest in YOU


  • I'm a new doula, is this course for me?

    This course is for doulas of all experience levels! For some this course will help them to create their business and for others, this course will help to restructure their current business.

  • I can't make it to the live session, will I receive a recording?

    Absolutely! Recordings of each live session will be available for viewing in your Thinkific account.

  • How much time do I need to commit to this course?

    I ask that you commit at least two hours a week to this course. However, this is your business and your commitment level is your decision. Success is a choice!